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In this article, I am going to talk briefly about Domke Photo Vests. For almost fifty years I`ve been shooting photographs with all sorts of cameras and lenses. I`ve trudged uphill and down dale in the pursuit of the ultimate image and have enjoyed every minute of it.

In the early days, you didn`t know what you had until you returned home and developed the film. In my humble opinion was the finest way to learn about your mistakes. Now, having carried what has seemed like half a house around with me and after a couple of heart attacks; I either had to turn it in or find a way of lightening and managing the load.

Domke Photo Vests

First of all, I found a better way to carry my equipment, after trying many different camera bags the weight was still too much for my old back and I eventually found the ideal equipment.

I purchased a Domke photo vest, Various sizes are available, they have loads of pockets:

  • Four on the lower front.
  • Two large poacher pockets on the rear.
  • Top pockets for smaller items like batteries
  • Large internal pockets plus a secure zipped internal pocket for car keys and wallet etc.

There are secure rings on either side for securing any item you want! Plus straps on the side to pull the vest in for a tight fit. The vests are ventilated for summer use and can be worn over you winter coat if need be. I have two sizes one normal for summer and one-two sizes up for over my winter jacket.

In the left-hand rear poachers pocket, I normally have my 100-400 lens, right-hand rear poachers pocket I have a drinks bottle and maybe a hat in sunny conditions, front left wide-angle, front right fixed focal length medium prime and a wide to medium zoom on the camera around my neck.

I do keep a camera bag in the boot of my car with other items and select the lenses that I think the subject might require. Plus of course when I return to my vehicle I unload my photo vest and store the gear in the camera bag for safety.

In my next article, I will tell you how I further lightened the load to be able to continue the hobby I love.

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