Wildlife Photography – Common Buzzard

The Common Buzzard is one of the most common birds of prey in the British Isles. With mature birds having a wingspan of over 1 meter, they are often misidentified … Read more

Wildlife Photography – Pine Marten

Pine Marten

The Pine Marten is one of the most elusive animals to spot in the wild. They have dark-brown hair with a very distinctive yellow or white throat patch. They are … Read more

Wildlife Photography – Red Deer

Red Deer

Red Deer are a common sight across much of the British Isles, and indeed in many parts of the world. However, it is perhaps little known that in Europe they … Read more

Wildlife Photography – Atlantic Puffins

Atlantic Puffins

The Atlantic Puffin (Fratercula arctica), often referred to as the Common Puffin, is a seabird in the auk family. It’s most likely the name Common Puffin that makes us think … Read more

Wildlife Photography – European Otters

European Otter

European Otters suffered significantly in the UK, and were virtually extinct in the 1960s. Their population density has increased since then. Although there are still only an estimated 10-11 thousand … Read more

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