Night Sky Photography – Ultimate Guide

Night Sky Astrophotography

Have you ever looked at photographs of the night sky and been in awe of how the photographer captured such a beautiful image? You could easily conclude that only professional … Read more

Water Splash Photography Art

I have written this to share my experiences with Water Splash Art. I have tried many methods of doing this and experimented with different ways of discharging the droplets. In … Read more

Zoo Photography How-To Guide

Zoo Photography is a great way to hone your nature photography skills. Whether you are going on Safari soon, or if you just love taking animal shots, zoos are a … Read more

Lightning Photography – How To Guide

Photographing Lightning

In this Lightning Photography how to guide, I will cover the equipment needed, camera settings, and some composition top tips. This will help you get the best out of this … Read more

8 Home Photography Ideas anyone can do

The inspiration for this article was the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic with many of us being socially distanced at home. However, any of the home photography ideas in this … Read more

Do I need to shoot in RAW vs JPEG?


Many photography tutorials online and in magazines recommend shooting in RAW for the best results. But is there anything wrong shooting in JPEG? The simple answer is no, both JPEG … Read more

Capturing Bokeh Essential Tips

The word bokeh originates comes from the Japanese word boke ボケ, and broadly translates blur. In photography, the word is used to describe the aesthetically pleasing effects that can be … Read more

Portrait Photography in Natural LightLight

This short article on Portrait Photography is a basic guide to taking portrait photographs in natural light. It’s written for those starting out in this genre, but may also be … Read more

Landscape Photography – Top Tips

Landscape Photography

This article outlines some top tips to improve your Landscape Photography. By the end, you will have a foundation in the best equipment, preparation before your photoshoot, the use of … Read more

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