Lightroom Ultimate Guide – Effects Panel

Lightroom Effects

This short article covers the functionality in the Lightroom Effects Panel. The panel allows you to add vignettes and simulate film grain for aesthetic effect. Lightroom Effects The Effects Panel … Read more

Lightroom Ultimate Guide – Transform Panel

Lightroom Transform

The Lightroom Transform Panel is all about correcting distortion in your digital images, including lens distortion, perspective distortion, and alignment induced by the photographer. This short article guides you through … Read more

Lightroom Ultimate Guide – Lens Corrections

Lens Correction

The Lens Corrections panel in Lightroom is definitely not one of the most talked-about features in the Lightroom ecosystem. However, there are a few features within the panel which are … Read more

Lightroom Ultimate Guide – Color Grading

Lightroom Color Grading

The Color Grading panel in Lightroom is one of the most recent upgrades to the software package. It allows you to perform global and/or targeted adjustments to colours in your … Read more

Lightroom Ultimate Guide – Master HSL

This article covers the Lightroom HSL (Hue, Saturation & Luminance) control panel in Lightroom Classic. Generally speaking when post-processing images in Lightroom, you: Correct the image contrast & tonal balance … Read more

Lightroom Ultimate Guide – White Balance

White Balance

In photography, White Balance is a scale of the primary colour intensities measured in degrees Kelvin. When post-processing it is important to render neutral colours correctly. This is particularly noticeable … Read more

Lightroom Ultimate Guide – Tone Curves

Lightroom Tone Curves

Say the word Lightroom Tone Curves to many photographers, and they will shudder with fear. I even know quite a few professional photographers who advise others to never touch the … Read more

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