Lightroom Ultimate Guide – Library Module

Lightroom Library Module

When you open Lightroom, by default you enter the Library Module. The Library Module provides some powerful ways of managing your images. Our previous Lightroom Classic article covered Metadata and … Read more

Lightroom Ultimate Guide – File Management

Lightroom Ultimate Guide

Lightroom File Management is not the most exciting subject. Nevertheless, it is important to get it right! Getting your Folder structure right from the beginning when you start importing photos … Read more

Is Luminar better than Lightroom?

Luminar AI

Skylum has just announced the launch of a major update to its photo-editing software. The new version is called Luminar AI, and will be released later this year! One question … Read more

Luminar vs Lightroom – Feature Comparison

Luminar 4

This article is a Luminar vs Lightroom feature comparison to see whether Luminar is now beating Adobe Lightroom at its own game. For many photographers, Adobe Lightroom has been a … Read more

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