Capturing Bokeh Essential Tips

The word bokeh originates comes from the Japanese word boke ボケ, and broadly translates blur. In photography, the word is used to describe the aesthetically pleasing effects that can be … Read more

Photoshop – Blend Mode Masking

Introduction to Bend Mode Masking In my previous article, I posted how to mask using one of the most time-consuming but reliable methods of performing subject isolation for inclusion in … Read more

Photoshop – Masking with the Pen Tool

Photoshop Masks

Introduction In this article, I cover a reliable, and one of the easiest methods of performing subject isolation in Photoshop for the inclusion of an image against another background: Masking … Read more

What Camera System Shall I Buy?

What Camera Shall I Buy

If I ever win the lottery I`m going to buy a camera store. Why? Because I have always loved trying out new equipment! My dilemma a couple of years ago … Read more

Tips For Photographers of a Certain Age

Tips for Photographers of a Certain Age

In this article, I am going to talk briefly about Domke Photo Vests. For almost fifty years I`ve been shooting photographs with all sorts of cameras and lenses. I`ve trudged … Read more

Portrait Photography in Natural Light

This short article on Portrait Photography is a basic guide to taking portrait photographs in natural light. It’s written for those starting out in this genre, but may also be … Read more

Landscape Photography – Top Tips

Landscape Photography

This article outlines some top tips to improve your Landscape Photography. By the end, you will have a foundation in the best equipment, preparation before your photoshoot, the use of … Read more

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