Luminar Essentials – Toning Tool

Luminar Toning Tool

The Luminar Toning Tool is all about creatively adjusting the brightness and contrast in your digital images. Specifically, it targets tones in the Highlights and the Shadows. These two elements can have a substantial effect on the dramatic impact of your photography. 

Luminar Toning Tool

To access the Toning Tool, firstly select the Edit Module, then select the Creative mode from the right-hand side menu, and finally click Toning Tool from the menu options.

Luminar Toning Tool

On opening the Toning Tool, here are the controls.


This section of the panel contains a Hue slider and a Saturation slider. However, note that Hue is unavailable to you until you have changed the Saturation levels in your image. 

The Saturation slider sets the intensity of the highlights in your image. Unless you are looking for the radioactive look, then a little goes a long way when you are using this adjustment! 

When you are happy with the Saturation levels in the Highlights, the Hue slider can be used to target specific tones. Essentially the slider takes you through the colors of the visible light spectrum. 

Luminar Toning Tool


As with the Highlights section, you are presented with a Hue and Saturation slider. Both of which work in the same way, except in this case, the target is Shadow tones in your image. 


This slider enables you to apply split toning to your images. Once you have set the desired Saturation and Hue tones for the Highlights and the Shadows. By default, the Balance is set to zero. Moving the slider to the right shifts the tonal balance to prioritize the Highlights. Moving the slider to the left prioritizes the shadow tones. 

Toning Tool – Worked Example

In landscape photography, you can often give the impression of golden hour photography, by just giving a subtle hint of pink into the highlight tones of the sky. 

In this image, I have set the Saturation to 20 and selected a pink Hue from the color spectrum. 

The Shadows have been left untouched as I only wanted to target the Highlight tones. You can see the result in the before/after image below.

Example Image

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