Luminar Essentials – AI Enhance

The Essentials Tools Panel in Skylum Luminar is a set of filters. They are some of the most frequently used tools in image post-processing workflows. This article is an ultimate guide to the AI Enhance Tab, which sits within the Essentials Tools Panel.

The tab consists of just two adjustment sliders, which wield a lot of image processing power. AI Enhance makes the process of image post-processing extremely easy. In many ways, they enable the same edits as the Light Tools Panel. The difference is Artificial Intelligence (AI), which automatically performs a series of adjustments to your image. AI Enhance gives the user complete control over how much of the effect is applied to their image.

Luminar AI Enhance Tab

AI Enhance

AI Accent – Analyses your image to intelligently determine changes needed to shadows, highlights, white and black balance, contrast, tone, exposure, details and more.

AI Sky Enhancer – Is able to detect the sky portions in the majority of images presented to it. It even recognises the differences in an image between the sky and water elements such as oceans, streams and lakes.

AI Sky Enhance is then able to automatically analyse and enhance colour, texture, saturation, brightness and tone. The most powerful feature in this AI, is the accuracy that it detects the boundaries between the sky and other objects, even in complex images, and without creating fringes of colour at the transitions.

Edit Mask – All of the AI tools in Luminar also contain an Edit Mask option. This pull-down menu allows you to selectively paint the AI Enhance filter to regions of the image that you choose. Giving you even more creative power over the effect.

AI Accent Example

Here is an example of AI Accent taking the slider all the way to 100. You can see from the image just how this has globally affected all pixels in the image. The sky colour has more saturation, and greatly improved contrast. There is improved texture and contrast in the rocks and mountains.

AI Accent

Of course in this example we took the slider to 100. But you can choose to scale the effect back to achieve a natural look.

AI Sky Enhancer

Using our same example image, but this time taking the AI Sky Enhance to 100. You can see how the AI has intelligently detected the sky and only applied the filters to those regions. The sky colour is saturated with additional contrast.

Again, this is with the slider to 100, and the effect is a little too oversaturated, but can easily be dialled back.

AI Sky Enhance

Edit Mask Capability

To use the Edit Mask from the drop-down menu, you first apply either the AI Sky Enhancer or the AI Accent filters. Then selecting Brush in the Edit Mask drop-down menu, you can paint the areas of the image you want to affect.

You can change the brush size using the bracket keys:

  • [ = Smaller Brush
  • ] = Larger Brush

You can also change the flow of the effect for finer control over the edit.

This Luminar Essentials article forms a suite of interactive guides on the Skylum Luminar photo editing software. If you found this useful, please check out our other Luminar articles and how-to guides in the Learn Photography section of our site.

If you don’t yet have a copy of Luminar, but would like to purchase one, you can get a copy from the Luminar website.


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