Lightroom Ultimate Guide – Watermarking Images

Lightroom Watermarking

One question I am asked frequently, is how do you add a watermark to your images? Using Lightroom, the process of watermarking is more simple than you might think. In this short tutorial, I will show you how. To start, here is a short video stepping through the process:

Creating a Watermark

Lightroom Watermarking

The most efficient way to add watermarks to your images, is to set up a watermark as a template. This way, you can call it up whenever you need to use it in the future.

From the Lightroom Classic menu, you first select the “Edit Watermarks” option. This brings up the Watermarks Editor window. On the left-hand side (LHS) of this window, at the top, there is a Custom pull-down menu. Lightroom lets you store multiple watermark files as presets.

So for instance, you may want separate watermarks one with black text and one with white. Once you have saved one or more watermarks, they are accessible via the Custom pull-down menu.

Below this, you get a preview of the image you had selected, with the watermark. This lets you get an idea what your watermark will look like.

Lightroom Watermarking

Watermark Editor

Finally, at the bottom LHS of the window, there is a text entry box. If you choose to add a text signature, you enter your choice of text here. On the right-hand side of the Watermarks Editor window, you get a Watermarks Style radio button for each of text or graphic. Clicking the radio button labelled “graphic” allows you to upload a JPEG or PNG watermark.

Working through the other options on the right of the window. Next, there is an Image Options panel. This does the exact same thing as the radio buttons described above, and allows you to upload a JPEG or PNG. Who knows why Adobe repeated the same function right next to each other!

The next panel option “Text Options”. If you want a text as opposed to a graphic watermark, you can customise the font, style etc in this panel. The final panel is “Watermark Effects”, and allows you to customise the position of your watermark.

After customising and positioning your watermark, pressing save lets you pick a name for it. For this example I called it “White Signature”

Exporting an image with a Watermark

Now that we have created our watermark, it’s time to attach it to an image. You do this when exporting an image from Lightroom. So clicking “File” the “Export” from the main menu (Shift Command E on a MAC), brings up the Export Window.

Scrolling down the options on this window, one of them is “Watermarking”.

Lightroom Watermarking

You simply select the watermark you just created. In our case “White Signature), and assuming everything else is set-up for file export, press the “Export” button, and the job is done. When you navigate to where you saved the file, it should now include a watermark.

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