Lightroom – Drawing Straight Lines with the Adjustment Brush

In this video, photographer Scott Kelby demonstrates how to draw straight lines in Lightroom with the adjustment brush tool in 60 seconds. Scott has more of these lightroom killer tips. It’s a technique I use all the time, here’s a worked example where I add sun rays to an image.

Adding Sun-Rays in Lightroom with the Adjustment Brush

Lightroom - Adding Sun Rays with the Adjustment Brush
Adding Sun-Rays in Lightroom with the Adjustment Brush
Adjustment Brush Menu

Step 1: From the Development Module, I selected the Adjustment Brush and set the Temperature Slider to 75, and the Exposure Slider to 2 in order to give a bright yellow brush.

Step 2: At the bottom of the Adjustment Brush menu there is an A and a B brush. I set both the A brush & B to Feather 100 and flow 100. This randomises the edge of our brush strokes, but with a consistent flow. I set the A brush to a size of 0.2 and the B brush to a size of 6.9. As you have probably guessed, the A brush is going to be our sunspot, and the B brush the suns rays, and we are going to paint each individual sun ray onto the image.

Step 3: I selected the A brush and left clicked once where I wanted the sun to appear in the image. You won’t be able to see the result as the brush is really small. I then selected the B brush and by pressing Shift and clicking at the edge of the image, the sunray will increase in width in a straight line from 0.2 to 6.9.

Step 4: I then repeated steps 2 & 3 to create each of the sun rays, but varied the B brush size to give variation in the size of the sunrays.

Step 5: The sunrays were a little harsh. I selected a new B adjustment brush and set the Dehaze to -28 and the brush size to 10. I then painted over the sunrays to soften the edges. The resultant image can be seen in Figure 6 below.

Final image with light rays added
Final Image with Light Rays added

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