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Learn Photography

Welcome to the Photography Group Learn Photography section. We have an ever-increasing number of articles designed to help you get the best out of your photographic journey.

Learning Photography involves mastering a unique blend of technical and creative skills. Our Learn Photography page as a door-step to a collection of articles and how-to guides that will assist you in your journey to master all of these skills.

Understanding Your Camera & Camera Gear

Digital photographers need to understand how their camera works. This includes for instance Aperture, Depth of Field, Shutter Speed & Light Sensitivity. Also, a photographer needs to grasp the principles of lighting, exposure, composition and focus.

All of these things significantly impact the creativity and composition of a captured image.

Some photographers specialise in a specific genre of photography, whilst others move between different genres. Whatever you choose to specialise in, a photographer needs to understand the technical requirements & techniques for that genre. This includes things like purchasing the correct camera equipment to do the job. As well as using the correct composition techniques, to avoid some of the pitfalls like over-exposure, unwanted blur, and camera shake.

Photography Post Processing

Whether we love it or hate it, post-processing skills are a necessity. Digital pictures you see on the web, in shops and in galleries, will have been processed in some way. If a professional photographer tells you they always capture the shot in-camera, then chances are, they are not being entirely honest. Cameras are just not that good! Understanding how digital post-processing tools can positively impact the visual impact of a photo is an essential skill.

Luminar has a clever use of Artificial Intelligence blended with an intuitive user interface. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, Luminar has the tools that you need to perform the most commonly used digital post-processing needs.

Adobe make the benchmark tools for creatives. Our selection of articles and how-to guides on Lightroom & Luminar, are designed to help you get the best out of this industry leading software, and take your post-processing to the next level.

The Photography Group is proud to be an industry affiliate with various big names in photographic equipment including Vaonis & DJI.

Our affiliation with industry partners helps to keep this website free for our customers, as we get compensated by our affiliates for any purchases that our customers subsequently make. It is through these affiliations that we are able to make our articles and how-to guides freely available to all.

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