JOBY FreeHold – The Ultimate Phone Support

JOBY, the company that brought us the GorillaPod has just announced a brand new ultra-lightweight support system. It’s for the mobile phone market and called JOBY Freehold.

JOBY is marketing this device predominantly for the video market and is sure to be featuring in TikTok’s. As well as videos, it also has utility for stills photography, particularly if you are on the go and want to grab some quick snaps.

It costs just under $10 and sticks firmly to the back of your smartphone. It comes with a lockable, elasticated wrist strap, so you can now securely carry your phone around in the knowledge that you can get some crazy angles for your videos and photos; without the risk of dropping your phone.

The new JOBY

Aa well as the wrist-strap you get a two-legged support system that securely clips on and off. The flexible support legs can then attach to objects on the go, to allow you the freedom to do videos or photos. The JOBY FreeHold supports phone devices weighing up to 500g (1.1lbs).

Want to open up a whole world of crazy angles for your latest videos? You need the new JOBY FreeHold Multi-Function Smartphone system (elastic finger loop and accessories) in your pocket.


Check out the new JOBY Freehold on their website.

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