Deep Space Photography with the VAONIS Stellina


This article covers Deep Space Photography using the VAONIS Stellina smart telescope. Since the invention of the telescope over 400 years ago, mankind has been fascinated with the cosmos. Whilst … Read more

Camera Sensors: Crop-Sensor versus Full-Frame

Crop vs Full Frame

A common question for photographers getting into or upgrading DSLR cameras is whether full-frame is better than crop-frame camera sensors. In this article, I will cover the pros and cons … Read more

Do I need to shoot in RAW vs JPEG?


Many photography tutorials online and in magazines recommend shooting in RAW for the best results. But is there anything wrong shooting in JPEG? The simple answer is no, both JPEG … Read more

What Camera System Shall I Buy?

What Camera Shall I Buy

If I ever win the lottery I`m going to buy a camera store. Why? Because I have always loved trying out new equipment! My dilemma a couple of years ago … Read more

Tips For Photographers of a Certain Age

Tips for Photographers of a Certain Age

In this article, I am going to talk briefly about Domke Photo Vests. For almost fifty years I`ve been shooting photographs with all sorts of cameras and lenses. I`ve trudged … Read more

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