How to generate traffic using Flickr

Generate Traffic using Flickr

Flickr is the major social media platform optimised for sharing images online. It has an active online community of users, and holds a Google PR9 rating. In this article, I … Read more

Camera Sensors: Crop-Sensor versus Full-Frame

Crop vs Full Frame

A common question for photographers getting into or upgrading DSLR cameras is whether full-frame is better than crop-frame camera sensors. In this article, I will cover the pros and cons … Read more

Realistic Sky Replacement Using Luminar 4

If there is one tool in Luminar 4 that really makes the software stand out from the crowd, it is the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Sky Replacement tool. The software algorithms … Read more

Luminar vs Lightroom – Feature Comparison

Luminar 4

This article is a Luminar vs Lightroom feature comparison to see whether Luminar is now beating Adobe Lightroom at its own game. For many photographers, Adobe Lightroom has been a … Read more

8 Home Photography Ideas anyone can do

The inspiration for this article was the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic with many of us being socially distanced at home. However, any of the home photography ideas in this … Read more

Do I need to shoot in RAW vs JPEG?


Many photography tutorials online and in magazines recommend shooting in RAW for the best results. But is there anything wrong shooting in JPEG? The simple answer is no, both JPEG … Read more

Capturing Bokeh Essential Tips

The word bokeh originates comes from the Japanese word boke ボケ, and broadly translates blur. In photography, the word is used to describe the aesthetically pleasing effects that can be … Read more

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