Astrophotography: Vaonis Smart Telescopes

Vaonis, the company that brought us the STELLINA observation station, has a brand new product to market. Vaonis only launched the STELLINA last year and has revolutionised astronomy, bringing it to a much broader audience. The new device, a smart telescope, will be released on 1st October 2020.

For those unfamiliar, the STELLINA is a telescope and a camera. It allows even a novice to track stars and take incredible photographs of deep space. The STELLINA has a price tag of €4000 (Euros). This sounds a lot until you consider this is about the same as a high-end DSLR and premium lens. But the price point does still makes the STELLINA more attractive to the astrophotography enthusiast market.

They have not released the name for their new smart telescope yet, nor have they released a price! Time will tell whether Vaonis strategy is to increase its market to an even wider audience. What they do say about this new smart telescope, is:

“Compact but powerful, explore the world and the Universe with the tiniest smart telescope ever conceived and take your own pictures of Nebulae, galaxies and more”.


If you are interested to find out more about the new smart telescope, then head over to their website.

If you are interested in what the STELLINA does, here is a little teaser trailer.


Vaonis recently used the STELLINA to capture a 550Mp mosaic of the Carina. The result is below:

Vaonis Stellina
Carina – Photographed with Vaonis STELLINA

If you consider that this photo didn’t need either an astrologist or an expert in astrophotography to achieve! I think you will agree that the results are outstanding.

For thousands of years, mankind has been fascinated with the cosmos. Telescopes have provided us with an insight into that since the 17th century. One of the problems with stargazing with a conventional telescope is light pollution. Light pollution from towns and cities dilutes the skies, leaving even stars difficult to see. The STELLINA incorporates a light pollution filter, meaning you can watch the stars wherever you are. So, it no longer matters if you live in the heart of a city, you can still get photographs of the cosmos.

What also revolutionises the technology, is that it integrates directly with your mobile device. In fact you can have up to 10 devices connected at any one time.

Vaonis Stellina

Through the App, you can initiate STELLINA to look at a specific point in the galaxy. The telescope will then automatically track the stellar object to take account of the rotation of the earth. You don’t even have to worry about focusing, STELLINA also takes care of this for you.

Stellina App

The STELLINA App also incorporates information about what you are looking at, so you can learn about the cosmos whilst exploring the cosmos.

Here is a selection of images taken with the STELLINA. You can find out more about this telescope on Vaonis website.

Eagle Nebula
Eagle Nebula
Thors Helmet
Thors Helmet

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