Adobe Lightroom – Histogram & Tone Adjustments

Lightroom Histogram

Understanding the Lightroom Histogram curve is fundamental to any tonal adjustments you perform during post-processing. This article covers the basic adjustments you conduct in pretty much 95% of your post-processing … Read more

Lightroom Ultimate Guide – Importing Images

Lightroom Importing Images

Whether you are importing images from a memory card, or from your computer hard-drive, image import using Lightroom is pretty straight forward. Before starting, it’s worth saying that because you … Read more

Lightroom Ultimate Guide – Library Module

Lightroom Library Module

When you open Lightroom, by default you enter the Library Module. The Library Module provides some powerful ways of managing your images. Our previous Lightroom Classic article covered Metadata and … Read more

Lightroom Ultimate Guide – File Management

Lightroom Ultimate Guide

Lightroom File Management is not the most exciting subject. Nevertheless, it is important to get it right! Getting your Folder structure right from the beginning when you start importing photos … Read more

Luminar Essentials – Vignette Tool

Luminar Vignette

The Essentials Tools Panel in Skylum Luminar is a set of filters. These filters are frequently used in many image post-processing workflows. This article is an ultimate guide to the … Read more

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