Photoshop – Blend Mode Masking

Introduction to Bend Mode Masking In my previous article, I posted how to mask using one of the most time-consuming but reliable methods of performing subject isolation for inclusion in … Read more

Photoshop – Masking with the Pen Tool

Photoshop Masks

Introduction In this article, I cover a reliable, and one of the easiest methods of performing subject isolation in Photoshop for the inclusion of an image against another background: Masking … Read more

What Camera System Shall I Buy?

What Camera Shall I Buy

If I ever win the lottery I`m going to buy a camera store. Why? Because I have always loved trying out new equipment! My dilemma a couple of years ago … Read more

Tips For Photographers of a Certain Age

Tips for Photographers of a Certain Age

In this article, I am going to talk briefly about Domke Photo Vests. For almost fifty years I`ve been shooting photographs with all sorts of cameras and lenses. I`ve trudged … Read more

Portrait Photography in Natural Light

This short article on Portrait Photography is a basic guide to taking portrait photographs in natural light. It’s written for those starting out in this genre, but may also be … Read more

Landscape Photography – Top Tips

Landscape Photography

This article outlines some top tips to improve your Landscape Photography. By the end, you will have a foundation in the best equipment, preparation before your photoshoot, the use of … Read more

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